Vespa Scooters Celebrating 70 Years in the Market

A simple handwritten advert in front of the second hand scooter shop, “Vespa 125 for sale” reminds that on April 23rd 2016 Vespa has turned 70 years now. These classically designed scooters had started their journey on April 23rd 1946 when in Florence, Enrico Piaggio registered the patent of the wasp shaped two-wheeler. From then until today, it has crossed innumerous milestones and over the years has sold more than 18 million models all over the world.

Different models of Vespa

Figures show that Vespa has tripled its sale over the last decade. You may have seen Vespa 125 for sale, but there are number of models introduced during these 70 years. Till 2016, in total 49 models are introduced. The first model of Vespa launched in 1946 was Vespa 98. It was introduced in Golf Club in Rome and the sale was through a small dealer network.

The second model introduced in 1947 was commonly known as ‘fireball’ as it was red in color. With time the specifications developed. It was during 1949 when Vespa 125 Corsa was introduced. It was during 1949 when Enrico Piaggio decided that 98cc Vespa production will be stopped and instead 125cc will be introduced in the market.

During 1951, it was Vespa 125 that was the first model of Vespa which was featured in a movie. After it appeared in the movie Roman holiday, it became more popular. With time there were different models of 125 cc and they were named as Vespa 125 U, Vespa 125 (VNA2) and many more.

 A Vespa scooter with side car was introduced in 1955 and the name of the model was Vespa 150 side car. It provided a comfortable and stable journey over a long period. The side car in those days was attached to the main scooter with a long tube.

In 1963, Vespa 50 was introduced with a slogan “young, modern and without documents”. During that time it was Vespa that could be driven by anyone who was 14 years old, and could even ride a Vespa without a number plate.

After that there was always evolution in the scooters and market has accepted them widely. It can be seen from the fact that still people are looking for Vespa 125 for sale. Today in 2016, to celebrate 70 years of Vespa, a new model has been introduced named 70 degree anniversary.

Choose a Vespa and ride with pride

Whether you are looking for a new model of Vespa or the one that was introduced earlier, when you ride on it you will surely feel proud to be a part of the 70 years of history of Vespa scooters. You will not just get unmatched mileage, but riding the 4 stroke scooter will be an experience in itself.

You can start them with a kick or have the option of electric start, so start your scooter the way you want. A Vespa scooter has been there in the market for seventy years now and hence, be a proud owner of one today.